Traveling Abroad May Not Be As Out of Reach As You Think

by Rahima Nasa, Joy Notoma, and Elizabeth Ramanand

Go anywhere in the world with the money you already spend in a month. Graphic by Rahima Nasa

Millenials are traveling for longer periods of time on smaller budgets than previous generations. The United Nations estimates that 20% of all international tourists, or nearly 200 million travelers, are young people. Despite the growing number of young travelers, there are still millennials who believe that international travel is beyond their budget or only reserved for the wealthy.

This calculator will show users how their monthly budget can translate into long-term travel on a shoestring budget. Some may find that their dollar goes further than they might have imagined.

Travel blogger and photographer Dave Anderson is a long-term nomad and sticking to a budget during his travels is extremely important to him. “I tend to always stay in cheaper hostels or hotels. My best tip for traveling on a budget is simply to travel to more affordable countries. I'm always recommending people to make it out to Eastern Europe, South East Asia, or Central America. The USD is strong, and it will go a lot further in developing countries” says Anderson.


These calculations are based on the average cost of living in each country, according to crowdsourced data compiled by Numbeo, and converted to USD. We calculated the days you can spend in these countries, without airfare expense, to include three inexpensive meals per day, a one bedroom apartment outside of city center, and a monthly transit pass. Then, we divided that amount by 30 in order to find a daily cost in each destination. That's how we found how many days you would get in each country.

How much do you spend on these each month?


Now, find out how many days you can spend in each country below:

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